Sr-22 Insurance: What’s It All About, And How Does It Work?

Your state Department of Motor Vehicles might require you to get an SR-22 document. Also known as a Certificate of Financial Responsibility, this document is required if your driver’s license has been suspended. An SR-22 is a document that verifies that you have purchased the vehicle insurance required by the state to reinstate driving privileges.

What Is An Sr-22, And What Does It Do?

An SR-22 certificate of financial responsibility is required by some drivers under court orders or in their state. An SR-22 form is filed with your state and does not represent a type of insurance. This document serves to prove that your auto insurance policy provides the minimum coverage required by law.

What Is An Fr44?

An FR-44 form is similar to an SR-22 form. It proves that a driver has active liability insurance that meets, or exceeds, state minimum coverage requirements. * An FR-44 usually includes higher liability requirements that state minimums or SR-22 minimal coverages.

Is An Fr-44 Equivalent To An Sr-22?

The FR-44 document is required following a DUI or DWI conviction. It can only be used in Florida and Virginia. Although the FR-44 document looks similar to the SR-22, the liability limits are usually twice the state’s minimum.

Virginia’s minimum auto liability insurance is $25,000 per person, $50,000 per accident for bodily injuries, and $20,000 per accident for property damage. These limits will be doubled for an FR-44 Virginia.

An Sr-22 Might Be Necessary For Certain Reasons.

Usually, the requirement for an SR-22 is associated with:

  • Multiple traffic offenses
  • DUIs, DWIs, and other serious moving violations
  • License suspension/revocation
  • Failure to obtain the required insurance coverage in your state is a violation.

If you need an SR-22 certificate, either the traffic court or the Department of Motor Vehicles will inform you by mail. An SR-22 certificate will be provided by your insurance company for a fee. State fees may vary. The state may charge additional fees.

Typical Terms Of Sr-22

While state requirements and terms may vary, the general rule is that you should keep both your SR-22 certificate and your insurance policy for at least three years. Your insurer must notify the Department of Motor Vehicles office if your insurance policy is canceled. Your license will be suspended until you have your insurance reinstated. Your SR-22 status can be removed once you have fulfilled your SR-22 obligations within the time limit.

For more information about SR-22, as well as to determine your state’s SR-22 requirements and liability insurance requirements, contact your insurance agent. An insurance agent can help you obtain insurance or the SR-22 certificate from an insurance provider in your region.

How Can You Get An Sr-22

All you need to do is contact your insurance company if they offer SR-22 filings. They will add the SR-22 endorsement to your existing policy and then file the SR-22 insurance documentation with the state that requires it.

You will need to purchase a new policy if you don’t have any auto insurance or your existing insurer doesn’t offer SR-22s. To save time, you can let potential insurance companies know that you need an SR-22.

What If I Have To Get An Sr-22 For A State That I Don’t Reside In?

It’s not a problem. This is common, especially if the violation was received while you were visiting or living in another state. Progressive can file an SR-22 anywhere in the United States.

What If I Don’t Own A Car But Need An Sr-22?

An SR-22 will require a “Named Owner Coverage Endorsement.” This means that you’ll be covered for any accident involving a motor vehicle. Even if you don’t own a vehicle, an agent can help you get a policy with an SR-22.

What Is The Cost Of An Sr-22?

The filing fee for an SR-22 is approximately $25, but the cost can vary depending on the state and the insurance company. The filing fee will be charged upfront in some states. Progressive will include the filing fee for the SR-22 in the cost of each policy term. Each policy term that requires the SR-22 will require you to pay the filing fee.

How Will An Sr-22 Affect My Insurance Costs?

Your rate may increase due to the fact that some insurance companies consider SR-22 drivers high-risk. Your ZIP code, vehicle, driving record, and insurance history will all impact the rate of your policy.

How Can I Know When My Sr-22 Will Be Up?  

To find out how long you will need to keep an SR-22, contact your state’s motor vehicle department. In most states, it is three years.

How Can I Get My Sr-22 Removed?

Once it is no longer required, an SR-22 will not automatically be removed from your insurance policy. Your insurance company will need to take down the SR-22 from your policy. It is possible that your insurance rate will drop if your SR-22 has been removed. However, this is not guaranteed. Your license will be suspended if your policy is canceled, lapsed, or canceled while you have an SR-22.


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